Finally, a Custom Solution Made for You

The first all-in-one system created to meet the unique demands of specialty remodelers.

The Problem with Today’s Solutions

  • Made for general contractors, not specialty remodelers.
  • Lack of customization options, forcing you to adapt to the software instead of the other way around.
  • Restrictive feature sets, requiring you to invest in separate, non-integrated tools.
  • Limited dashboards and reporting options, preventing you from gaining key insights for growth.

Our all-in-one system runs your whole business

1Stop’s a “front-to-back” solution with all of the features you need to operate your specialty remodeling business more profitably. You’ll save time, close more deals, and install more jobs than ever before.

Best-in-Class Automations

Our automations are always working behind-the-scenes to save you time by removing error prone, manual data entry, auto-completing fields for you, auto-moving you to the next step, auto-creating records, triggering followup emails and SMS messages, assigning Tasks and more. 

Powerful “Blueprints” replicate your business processes.

At the top of nearly every record is an easy-to-follow Blueprint that guides users through pre-determined States and Transitions. All users need to do is click the blue Transition buttons, complete the appropriate fields, and let the system do the work. With Blueprints, you can ensure everyone follows the right process, every time.

Actionable insights help you make better decisions.

Gain a 360 degree view into your business. Our best-in-class Dashboards and Reports show how well you’re performing across all key indicators.  You’ll know how well your sales team is closing, what the best Lead sources are, how quickly jobs are installed — even profitability per job.

What sets us apart

Made for you

1Stop is the only system built from the ground up to work the way specialty remodelers work, not general contractors or service-based businesses.

Process Management

1Stop is the only system with tailor-made processes for every part of your business, enforcing everyone to follow the same process, every time.

Consultative Approach

We set monthly meetings to learn what’s working well, discuss areas for improvement, and ensure 1Stop is exceeding your expectations.


1Stop is built on Zoho. With 100 million users worldwide, Zoho is always evolving  to bring you the features to grow your business.