Champions for Specialty Remodelers

1Stop was built on a simple belief: There’s a better way to grow and operate a specialty remodeling company. We are passionate about helping companies like you scale and become more profitable. Our all-in-one platform is designed to do just that. From day one, we’ll be your partners in helping you leverage our system to gain a competitive edge and take full control of your business.

Our Story

As seasoned consultants in the specialty remodeling industry with 26 years of combined experience, we know how complex it is to sell and install profitably and at scale. Like many of you, we spent countless hours researching products that could help, but none of them met the specific needs of specialty remodelers. They didn’t have the necessary features, required extensive customization or were created for big businesses with big budgets and dedicated IT teams to help. That’s when the idea for 1stop Install was formed: create an all-in-one system designed from the ground up for specialty remodelers. We are proud to be the first system focused exclusively on this market.

Who we are

It all started when a couple friends with entrepreneurial mindsets, diverse backgrounds, and a drive for problem solving problems found themselves consulting for a specialty remodeler trying to run their multi-million dollar business with complicated spreadsheets and software not designed for them.

Jason and Greg come from different backgrounds— Jason was the the CEO for a major cruiseline and seriel entreprenuer. Greg was a marketing guru and tech nerd. Both had a knack for product innovation and building things from the ground up—and a common passion for helping businesses grow.

The result of their efforts is 1Stop Install: The ideal all-in-one software solution created for speciality remodelers.  

1Stop Founder

Our Promise

You pay for 1stopro on a monthly basis. That means we need to earn your business every month. We do that by showing you a clear ROI on your investment and being true partners in your success. Not only are we your technology platform, but we take great pride is being consultants you can count on as your needs grow and evolve.