Marketing Teams

Track Your Marketing Succes

From Lead tracking to referral and remarketing campaigns, 1Stop has all of the tools you need to grow — and more.

Track all of your Lead sources with ease.

1Stop’s user-friendly lead management process saves time, simplifies training and reduces human error by using simple buttons to prompt users for the right information, then automatically moving them to the next step based on an established process that everyone must follow.

Capture all your Leads right inside 1Stop.

No more manually entering Leads. 1Stop captures all of your Leads directly inside 1Stop. From website forms to Lead aggregators, we handle it all.  

Best-in-Class Automations

Our automations are always working behind the scenes to remove error-prone, manual data entry by auto-completing required fields, auto-moving users to the next step, creating records, triggering follow-up emails, assigning Tasks and more.

Remarketing Campaigns

Win back Leads you couldn’t close. 1Stop captures all your Leads — from those you couldn’t contact to those you quoted but didn’t close — organized into simpl buckets for your to follow-up with by email, SMS, or outbound call campaigns.    

Automate Emails and SMS

Trigger welcome emails, appointment confirmations, and follow-ups using our built-in workflows. Our emails are fully customizable to match your brand and individual requirement. And there are no limits on the number of emails you create or trigger. 

100% Mobile

Keep tags on your marketing initiatives while on the go. 

Manage and Track Referrals

We know referrals are the highest quality, most cost-effective Lead Source. Our referral tracking technology auto-connects the referrer to the person being referred and makes it easy to manage any bonuses/payments provided to both parties. 

A Custom Homepage Made for Appointment Schedulers

All of the key activities you need to start your day

Scheduler Hompage

More Features for Marketing Teams


Manually send or auto-trigger fully customized emails.

Rehash program

Manage and track the success of your rehash program.


Manually send or auto-trigger custom SMS messages.

Lead Capture

Auto-import leads from any contact form or lead aggregrator.

Lead Costing

Manage and track  the costs of your leads sources.

Lead Performance

Measure how well leads convert to and Sales.